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Armor - Waist
NamePicArmor ClassWeightSpecial Abilities
Flowing Black Silk Sash00.1Effect: Haste
Crushbone Belt11.3Bar, Trl only
Cloth Cord10.2None
Netted Girth10.1None
Lizardscale Belt21.0HP +10, Mana +10
Curscale Belt20.2None
Woven Girth20.1None
Sash of the Dragonborn20.1Effect: Haste
WolfHide Belt32.0None
Raw-Hide Belt32.0None
Purity Belt31.2Str +2, Sta +2
Leather Belt31.0None
Scaled Wolfhide Belt31.0Sv Disease +3
Giant Snakespine Belt43.5Agi +5, +5 Sv Poison
Bear Hide Belt41.0None
Reinforced Belt41.0None
Swirlspine Belt41.0Effect: Haste
Ring Mail Belt54.1None
Blackened Iron Waistband54.0None
Ruined Scaled Skirt53.3None
Chainmail Skirt52.5None
Belt of the Cenobite51.5Wis +7, Sv Cold +10
Silken Cat-Fur Girdle??51.5Str +9, Dex +13
Split-Paw Hide Belt51.0Sv Poison +5
Scaled Prowler Belt51.0Agi +3
Drakescale Belt51.0Dex +3, Sv Fire +10
Belt of Flesh Hooks??50.2Sv Disease +5, Sv Poison +5, Cha -5
Hangman's Noose50.1Effect: Haste (No Drop)
Runed Bolster Belt??50.1Effect: Haste, Str +10, Dex +10, Sta +10
Black Iron Girdle62.0Sta +5
Banded Belt61.9None
Reed Belt??60.8Wis +5 HP +10
Bronze Girdle73.8None
Plate Girdle74.0None
Rune Branded Belt70.1Effect: Haste, Str +8, Dex +8, Sta +8, HP +25, Mana +25
Sludged Girdle83.5Cha +5, Int +5, Sv Magic +5
Sebilite Scale Belt81.9HP +20, Sv Disease +2, Sv Poison +2
Autopsy Apron81.0None
Thick Leather Apron81.0None
Pegasus Hide Belt??81.0Effect: Haste, Str +6, Int +6, Agi +6 (No Drop)
Thick Banded Belt80.5Str +15
Belt of Iniquity??80.1Effect: Haste, Str +5, Int +5, Sv Magic +5 (No Drop)
Straw Spun Belt106.0None
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