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Writings and Articles

These are writings that have been submitted to me, either along the lines of an article, or character fiction. Feel free to submit me either, anything that is non-offensive and on topic will get posted here. As such, anything you view here is not necessarily the expressed view of myself ; )

Feign Death Nerf

Samuel Leemon writes about the changes made to feign death. He is a monk, but since SK's use this spell so frequently, it applies to us as well.

Shadow Knight Woes

Jerrod Jer'Odus expresses his concern on various issues facing our favorite class. Fortunately, some of his concerns have been addressed.

So You Want to be a
Troll Shadow Knight

A nice little guide written for large SK's to assist in getting you through the first half of your life as a Shadow Knight.


The Life and Times of Bortas Shadowalker. A work in progress, by yours truly.


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