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Below you will find some very useful information sites as well as general EQ links. If you know of a great source that isn't here, send an email to

Great information sites directed at Shadow Knight's:
EverQuest HeadQuarters, my host and a great source of news as well as other resources.
Allakhazam's Magical Realm, THE site for quests, item stats and more.
The Knight Watch, several forums as well as a profile section, all devoted to Shadow Knights. Sites by Shadow Knight's, for Shadow Knight's always get my approval : )
EverQuest Vault, THE site for news, updated many times daily.
Additional sites with valuable content: official EverQuest site. and resources, a useful tool. interesting look at news and other items of interest. site for casters, with extremely detailed spell effects. Check out the necromancer section.
Personal Shadow Knight Sites:
Uenaelar UthmatarA site devoted entirely to travels of a Dark Elf Shadow Knight, with humerous tales of his adventures.

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