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Arcane Knowledge Secret Conversations of the Brotherhood
Powers Granted by The Father Tasks of The Father
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This site is dedicated to Shadow Knights, their methods and equipment of destruction. Servants of the weak may find the information here usefull to a certain extent, but beware that using the knowledge contained within ultimately corrupts you to the will of The Father. The tidbits of knowledge gathered here are what I, and others like me have combined to aid fellow students of The Father. True servants of The Father will submit any information they have that is not contained here, to aid their comrades-in-arms.

Tools Of Destruction

From blades to bludgeoners, here is where a dark warrior can find the tools of their trade.

Protection From Danger

Armor, jewelery and magic items, even servants of The Father need protection from the weak, as they are so large in number.

Arcane Knowledge

The Father grants us a small amount of arcane magics, summon bones to your side, simmer the blood of the weak and more.

Secret Conversations of the Brotherhood

Read what other Brothers have to say, from tactics to equipment and more.

Powers Granted by The Father

Shadow Knights are gifted with many skills and trades, the details are here.

Tasks of The Father

The power of a dark warrior is not without a price, The Father requires that we go on quests from time to time to prove our loyalty to the way.

Gallery of the Brotherhood

Shadow Knights should be proud of who they are and the cause they belong to, show your visage here.

Writings From the Brotherhood

A wise servant of destruction would do well to read the writings of the Brotherhood and eventually submit writings of their own for others to peruse.

Submit Useful Information for the Brotherhood

All the information gathered here is what I and other Brothers have discovered in our meager travels. If you find a tidbit of knowledge that is not listed here, send the details of it to this site.

About the Collector of These Teachings

Information about the courier of these teachings, Bortas Shadowalker, is found here.

More Useful Teachings for the Brotherhood

This conglomeration of knowledge is not all inclusive, this section will show you the way to even more useful information.

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