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There are two schools of thought regarding wearing armor: Armor Class bonus and Statistics bones, both have advantages and disadvantages. If The Father has blessed you with an abundance of worldly belongings, I recommend carrying some of both of these items, a set with the highest armor class you can find and a set with the highest statistical bonus you can find.

  • Armor Class Bonus: Armor Class (AC) is difficult to quantify, the only way to really tell the difference AC provides is to fight the same monster with the highest AC you can get, then try the same monster with all your armor off. I guarentee you will be smacked around severely without your armor on, but who is surprised by that? For a large portion of my travels I downplayed the role AC plays in a fight, I have recently discovered my error. I felt wisperings from The Father and I began to collect high AC gear (trading my Platinum Fire Emerald rings for Jagged Bands, Golden Black Pearl Choker for Bronze Coller etc.). Not expecting to see a large difference (other than a downgrade in my combat performance), I was shocked. My ability to dish out damage was only slightly impaired, but my ability to take damage was far increased! I was in my 39th season fighting a Lava Duct Crawler in Nagafen's Lair with a full party of equal or lesser trained travelers. I tanked the LDC the entire fight without the assistance of one of the clerical order and finished the fight 80% ready for the next fight! The powerful monster could easily put me in my grave if I was alone (FREAKIN RED!!), yet it could not hit me for more than 40ish (while normally able to hit for maximum of around 90). I figured it was a fluke, no way could I have misjudged AC so poorly, but it wasn't. I consistantly could actually TANK, something I don't normally do. I was instantly converted. I sold my "good" gear for "newbie" gear with high AC. Sometimes people will inspect me and laugh at these items, then wonder why they get beat down so viciously by the monsters we fight. Others have heard the wisperings of The Father as well and silently nod their heads. In conclusion: AC is not to be underestimated at any level. If you are the principle tank in your band of travelers, its very important to have very high AC. This WILL decrease your damage dealing potential, but you will need less healing over the course of the fight, the monster will miss you more, you will get stunned less, et cetera.
  • Statistics Bonus: This is not to say that Statistics are of little value, far from it. However, if you are the primary tank of your band of travelers, statistics will not serve you as well as AC. If there is a well armored warrior in your party, let him do the tanking, and switch to your statistical bonus gear, so you can deal more damage. In my experience, the most important statistic in combat is Strength without a doubt. It is simply your ability to harm the monster with your weapon. Next is Intelligence, to provide better intuitive use of the arcane knowledge The Father has blessed us with. Finally, do not forget Dexterity or Charisma, one will help our 'procs' go off more in combat (Such as Steal Strength, Vampyric Embrace, Soul Leech etc.), one increases the time a monster will run from us when we invoke the fear of The Father. If you are not the primary tank, I've found Agility, Stamina and Wisdom to have little effect on the outcome of a fight.
When I am traveling Norrath, I always wear my AC gear so that the occasional giant that sneaks up on me has a hard time of hitting me well. If you are at all curious as to what armor I use to protect myself, a full and current list can be found at The Knight Watch, who provides a great profile section, consider visiting it and submitting your information.

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