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Character Info

Bortas Shadowalker is the first character I created. I play on the Fennin Ro server, and have a few newbie characters I toy around with from time to time. If you see a 'Bortas' on another server, it probably isn't me ; )

An in depth bio for this character is in the works in the 'writings' section, its nowhere near done, and I don't know that I will ever finish it.

RL Info

I have been administering webpages since 1995 for activities that interest me. All HTML I know is self-taught, which is why everything on here is so funky. I learned graphics editing the same way. I would love to hear everyones comments, both positive and negative regarding this site, as long as its constructive. I use this site as a reference just as much as everyone else does, and would like it to be as good as it can be. I'm not overly concerned about load times on this site, the object is thorough details on many subjects.

In addition to EverQuest, I can also be found playing SubSpace, or even Sailing or Skiing. I don't really have a homepage, so nowhere to direct you. I hope you get half as much entertainment reading this site as I had making it.

--Bortas Shadowalker
--Tim Sheckler

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