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Weapons - Contents

A Dark Warrior takes pride in the pain and suffering they can inflict upon their foes. Here you will find the details on a variety of tools of our worthy trade. The ratio portion of each weapon subsection is calculated by damage divided by delay.

One-Handed Blunt Weapons

Maces, Clubs, Morningstars and more are grand weapons for smashing our foes - without shedding blood.

One-Handed Slashing Weapons

Long Knives, Broad Swords, Bastard Swords are a common choice for the Shadow Knight that prefers the shield.

Two-Handed Blunt Weapons

From Staves and Hammers to a household item like a Shovel, these tools are best used for something other than combat.

Two-Handed Slashing Weapons

Swords and Axes of immense size, capable of doing a Dark Warriors favorite pastime: Large amounts of pain in a short time.

Piercing Weaponsr

Knives, Spears anything that allows fast, surgical strikes against our foes, another popular choice for those that prefer the protection of a shield.

Range Weapons

Bows are the best tools to strike an enemy from a distance, great for delivering a taste of the pain our foe's are going to recieve when they stand toe-to-toe with us.

Items for the Ammo Slot

All sorts of arrows to be found in Norrath.

Shields and Off-Hand Items

Shields are great tools to stop a blow from the legions of weak seeking to drag us down. Here you will also find implements we may wish to carry in our left hand.


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