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One-Handed Blunt
NamePicRatioDmgDlyWgtSpecial Abilities
Fools Gold Stein??.0672301.0None
Forging Hammer??.105438??None
Rusty Mace.1325388.0None
Cast Iron Warhammer.1334307.5None
Rusty Warhammer.1334307.5None
Rusty Flail.1355379.0None
Rusty Morningstar.13664410.0None
Tarnished Mace.1395368.0None
Tarnished Morningstar.14364210.0None
Bronze Warclub.1435356.0None
Splintering Club.1434286.0None
Tarnished Warhammer.1454287.5None
Bronze Warhammer.1525338.5None
Thex Mallet??.1525338.5+5 Sv Magic, Magic
Cracked Staff.1565328.5None
Bronze Mace.1586388.0None
Bronze Flail.16263710.0None
Bronze Morningstar.16374311.0None
Humerous Handled Mace??.1725291.2+2 Sv Cold, Magic
Darkwood Staff??.176528??Magic
Orcish Mace.1797399.0None
Orcish Morningstar.18684311.0None
Fine Steel Warhammer.2006307.3None
Battle Worn Morningstar.21183810.0None
Forged Morningstar.2118389.0None
Fine Steel Morningstar.21183810.0None
Combine Morningstar.21183810.0Magic
Dwarven Warhammer.212733??None
Dwarven Mace.2268354.5None
Screaming Mace.2298358.0Casts Yaulp, Magic
Hulking Spiked Club.2316264.5None
Enchanted Battle Worn Morningstar.2337309.0Str +2, Wis +5, Magic
Ruined Battle Worn Morningstar.2337309.0Str +2, Wis +5, -5 Sv Disease, Magic
Tainted Battle Worn Morningstar.2337309.0Str +2, Wis +5, -5 Sv Disease, Magic
Sceptre of Rahotep??.2379384.5Magic
Sceptre of Flame??.2417294.5+15 Mana, +5 Sv Fire, +5 Sv Magic, Magic
Cold Iron Morningstar.2579354.5Magic
Enameled Black Mace.286828??Magic
Sharkbone Warhammer.3088263.0Wis +5, Magic
Efreeti War Club??.42322261.0Magic
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