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NamePicRatioDmgDlyWgtSpecial Abilities
A Cracked Femur.1203250.5+2 Sv Disease
Rusty Short Spear.1254325.0None
A Scorpion Telson.1253242.51 Charge of Poison Bolt, Expendable
Bloody Shank.1253242.5None
Butcher Knife.1253242.5None
Iksar Phalange.1253242.5None
Rusty Dagger.1253242.5None
Rusty Rapier.1294315.0None
Bronze Main Gauche.1303234.0None
Rusty Spear.1325387.0None
Swordfish Bill??.1334306.0None
Tarnished Shortened Spear.1334305.0None
Bronze Dagger.1363222.5None
Main Gauche.1363222.5None
Sabertooth Dagger.1363222.5None
Tarnished Dagger.1363222.5None
Tarnished Rapier.1384295.0None
Burynaibane Spider Fang.1384292.0Effect: Sear, Magic
Tarnished Spear.1395367.0None
Bronze Rapier.1434286.0None
Bronze Shortened Spear.1475346.0None
Shadowed Knife.1503202.5Int +2, +2 Sv Cold, Magic
Bronze Spear.1565328.0None
Fishing Spear??.1565325.0None
Short Spear.1565325.0None
Fine Steel Dagger.1583192.4None
Combine Dagger.1583192.4None
Scale Tipped Sticker.1604252.5None
Fractured Femur??.1604250.5+2 Sv Disease
Hopper Spear??.161531??Str +4, Magic
Cinctured Whip.1675305.0AC +2
Kerran Fishing Spear.1675305.0Dex +2, Agi +2, 3 Charges of Enduring Breath, Magic
Thex Dagger.167424??+50 Sv Disease
Goblin Eye Poker.1673180.0None
Cast Iron Rapier.1744235.0None
Ivory Handled Dagger??.1744232.4Magic
Riptide Spear??.182633??+2 Sv Cold, -5 Sv Magic, Effect: Enduring Breath, Magic
Giant Snake Fang.1835275.0None
Fractured Femur??.1855275.0None
Jagged Metal Shard??.1855275.0None
Crookstinger.190421??Effect: Asp Poison
Coral Trident.2058384.5Dex +5, Magic
Bone Spear??.2076296.5None
Goblin Trail Blazer's Knife.2085242.2Sta +4, Magic
Goblin Poker.2146285.0HP +10, +10 Sv Cold, Magic
Fine Steel Rapier.2175235.0None
Combine Steel Rapier.2175235.0Magic
Fine Steel Spear.2226276.8None
Combine Spear.2226276.8Magic
Drachnid Leg Tip??.2226270.0Magic
Ivory Shafted Spear??.2337306.8Magic
Sacrificial Dagger.2385212.5Int +5, Magic
Well-Balanced Rapier.2406256.0Magic
Ruined Tier'Dal Rapier.2406254.5Dex +2, Agi +5, -5 Sv Disease, Magic
Obsidian Shard.2406252.5Casts Obsidian Shatter, Magic
Rukgus's Sticker.2406252.5Str +3, Int +2, Wis +2, Magic
Glowing Iron Pike.2509368.0Magic
Hollow Bone Shank.2507284.6Magic
Stilleto of the Bloodclaw.2616233.5Casts Bloodclaw, Magic
Dragoon Dirk.2616232.5Dex +2, +3 Sv Magic, Magic
Enchanted Fine Steel Rapier.2635194.5Str +2, Agi +5, Magic
Tainted Teir'Dal Rapier.2635194.5Dex +2, Agi +5, -5 Sv Disease, Magic
Ashenwood Short Spear.2726225.010 Charges Haste, Magic
Goblin Head Spear.2758294.9Cha -10, +10 Sv Disease, Magic
Shark Tooth.2785181.5Magic
The Visceral Dagger.2866212.0Int +8, Magic
Gloomwater Harpoon??.2909313.0Str +4, HP +25, Magic
Electrum Bladed Koshigatana.3006205.0Effect: Haste, Magic
Harpoon of the Depths.3208256.5Dex +2, HP +20, Magic
Spine Piercer??.33310301.9Int +2, HP +10, Magic
Goblin Bone Dagger??.3339272.7Str +4, Magic
Gold Plated Koshigatana??.3609252.5Effect: Dismiss Summoned, Magic
Jagged Chokidai Spine??.3609251.0Dex +4, Magic
Jade Chokidai Prod.36711304.2Sta +3, Wis +6, Magic
Gunthak Harpoon.454153320.0No Rent, Magic
Blood Fork.53615284.2Magic
Fanged Skull Stiletto.54512225.0Magic
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