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Weapon Skills
(Skill cap is 200) This determines your physical prowess on the battlefield. A high offense raises your natural ATK rating.
(Skill cap is 200) This is how well you can avoid your opponents attempts to harm you. A high defense raises your natural AC rating.
(Weapon skill cap is 200) This weapon skill is for one-handed blunt objects, such as hammers, maces, morningstars etc. While a shield can be wielded with a 1-handed blunt object, there simply aren't that many great weapons in this class Shadow Knights can use.
(Weapon skill cap is 200) This weapon skill is of the sword and axe breed. It can be wielded with shields, and there are many very good one-handers that Shadow Knights can use to great effect.
(Weapon skill cap is 200) Two-handed blunt weapons are few and far between for SK's, some good, some really bad. But all different... its sometimes fun to confuse adventurers... a 2H Staff plus my pet and my armor make me look like a REALLY nasty necro ;)
(Weapon skill cap is 200) 2H Slashers are commonly called the ultimate SK weapons... The best overall weapons appear to be in this category thus far. Some do incredible amounts of damage for super low delay, in addition to casting spells from time to time.
(Weapon skill cap is 75) Bows are an additional weapon skill for us Dark Warriors. It allows us to hit the target from a distance, without using mana (great with the darkness series of spells).
(Fist skill cap is 200)As always, SK's can turn their own body into a weapon, and flat out punch their enemy. This never does a lot of damage, but can be fun from time to time. Useful to build up, for that nasty corpse retrieval with all your stuff on it...
(Weapon skill cap is 200) SK's final weapon skill is piercing. All those great daggers that you see Magi and rogues use are typically equipable by SK's as well. Great with shields, but without duel weild, sometimes pointless...
Harm Touch is the Shadow Knights true special ability. It can only be used once per game day, and does approximatly 2/5 of our life total in HP to our target (formula seems to be 1+(lvl*10) add 10 extra per level above 41).
This skill is only available to Ogres and Troll's. It allows our large brothers to bash their enemies without having to use a shield.

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Trade Skills/Abilities

Simply your ability to drink alcohol and not suffer the negative effects. Working on Master status in this category now ;)
Some days I wish I could cook, now I have the opportunity to do this in game. I don't know exactly how useful/cost effective this skill is, but someone must know.
The ability to coax cash out of NPC's. I heard a horror story of some guy with a 120 beg skill, who had recieved less than a gold total from this, and been killed twice...
How well can you make beer? wine? The more you try the better this skill gets (and probably alcohol tolerance too :P).
Must have a fishing pole equiped, and bait in your inventory, and maybe you will catch some fish and some other *nice* trinkets. Anyone managed to get their skill over 75?
This skill determines how advanced of arrows/bows you can make. Making these items increases your skill...
Combining gems and precious metals will bring you trinkets. If the metal has been enchanted, the trinkets often increase your statistics while equiped.
Rogues require items made with the pottery skill to make poisons for their weapons.
The higher your skill is, the more likely you are to know exactly which direction you are pointing at any given time.
The ability to forge precious items out of steel. As far as I know, the best you can make with this is Banded Armor to be sold to PC's for profit, and NPC's for a loss
How well can you dog-paddle? Get your skill high enough and you will be doing the breaststroke in no time.
Animal skins and patterns combine to make great newbie armor.

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Spell Skills

(Skill cap is 255) All of our buff spells are in this category (endure cold, endure disease... yay) as well as Numb the Dead and Feign Death
(Skill cap is 255) Obviously, spells in this category alter either the caster or the target, or both. Siphon strength, darkness spell series and more are in this category
(Skill cap is 200) This is not a spell category, rather it effects all your other categories. The higher this is, the less likely you are to be interupted, the faster your spells cast, and possibly how much mana they cost
(Skill cap is 255) Use spells that fall under conjuration to bring a cloud of disease on your target, or call bones to aid you in combat
(Skill cap is 255) Divination is the ability to hide, or to find things. Locate corpse, Gather Shadows and sense the dead are but a few.
(Skill cap is 255) The only evokation spells SK's have are the ward undead series, direct damage to undead.
(Skill cap is 185) Sit down, open your spell book and meditate to recover mana faster.

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Miscellaneous Combat Skills

(Skill cap is 100) Use this skill while you have bandages in your inventory on a PC with less than half life to do some minor healing. The amount of HP regained per bind is increased as the skill goes up.
(Taunt skill cap is 180) Raise this skill and your harsh words will be nasty enough to get the meanest MOB off your magi friend.
(Skill cap is 180) Must equip a shield to use this skill (Unless you are an Ogre or a Troll who use Slam). Everytime you press this button, you will attempt to bash your target.
(Skill cap is 125) The higher your skill, the more likely you are to completly avoid an opponents attack (this skill randomly happens in combat).
(Skill cap is 175) The higher your skill, the more likely you are to counter an opponents attack (this skill randomly happens in combat).
(Skill cap is 200) The higher your skill, the more likely you are to swing your weapon twice in a row (this skill randomly happens in combat).
(Skill cap is 175)The higher your skill, the more likely you are to counter an opponents attack, and swing in response (this skill randomly happens in combat).
(Skill cap is 75) Use this skill to hide yourself indefinetly. However, you are restricted to no movement.
(Skill cap is 70) When you successfully disarm your opponent, their weapon appears on the ground (or in their bag if they are a PC). Only works against non-magic weapons. Skill is used as a button, like bash and taunt.
Submit skill information/correction.

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