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Allakhazam's Magical Realm

Nearly any quest in EverQuest can be completed provided the character has high enough faction with the giver of the quest. A list of nearly every quest in Norrath can be found at Allakhazam's Magical Realm above. Simply click the zone of the quest you desire info on. This is a great resource and should be neglected by no one. Below you will fine quests that pertain in particular to Shadow Knights. If you know of any major quests that is designed for all SK's (not just one race or two), let me know, and I will include it here.

Darkforge Armor

Darkforge is very good armor for your mid to upper level Shadow Knight. Each piece of Darkforge armor requires two pieces of decayed armor from Cazic Thule, this is a great start to any armor quest.

Once you have gathered all the necessary pieces, take them to the Undead Knights in the Temple of Solusek Ro.

Darkforge Bracer9ac, 3dex, 2.0wgtLeft and Right Decayed bracer, 1 broken horn (Minotaur Lord in Steamfont caves). Makes one bracer.
Darkforge Breastplate20ac, 10sta, 3sv magic, 5.0wgtDecayed Mail and Breastplate, 2 enchanted bars of platinum (not stacked).
Darkforge Boots11ac, 3sta, 1.5wgtLeft and Right Decayed boot, 2 faerie dust (not stacked) from Lesser Faydark.
Darkforge Gauntlets12ac, 2dex, 5sv magic, 2.5wgtLeft and Right Decayed gloves, 1 bar of enchanted platinum.
Darkforge Greeves13ac, 9sta, 3sv magic, 3.7wgtLeft and Right Decayed leg, 2 melatite (not stacked) MB and MC Model Clockworks in Solusek A.
Darkforge Helm13ac, 5int, 5sv all, 3.0wgtDecayed Helm and Visor, 2 Damage Militia Helms (Freeport guards).
Darkforge Vambrace11ac, 4str, 3.2wgtLeft and Right Decayed arm, Qeynos Kite Shield (Qeynos guards).

Life Leech - level 50 quest spell

Talk to Kazzel D'Leryt in the Rathe Mountains and tell him you know a jeweler. He cons blue to a level 50 and will not even talk to you if you are not level 50. He tells evil aligned characters to give him 2000pp and he will give a stone called a hyacinth to be etched by a gnome shop keeper in Rathe Mtns named Darfumpel. He tells you that the gnome does not like the necromantic arts, so you will have to conceal your identity when dealing with him. The necro npc tells you to bring back the hyacinth, a gold necklace like the purest snow (the White Gold Necklace found on the Froglock Noble in Lower Guk), an orb of the purest crystal (the Crystalline Orb from the Stone Spider in Nagafen's Lair), and the blood of xenyari the druid. He tells you that the blood must be voluntarily given by xenyari, so killing her will not do. To get the blood you must bring Xenyari Lisariel a Prickly Pear. The prickly pear drops off of an ice terror, one of Lady Vox's guardians. Be careful and place it deep in your inventory or you might eat it before you return it. When you bring her the pear, she says "Prickly Pears! I just love Prickly Pears!! Thank you so much for getting these for me. I really, really appreciate your gift and I shall not OWW!! I hate when I stick myself with the needles. Oh look, I am bleeding now. Sigh. Can you hold this note for a moment please? My hands are full and I must clean up." You will get a "Bloodied Piece of Parchment. To get the Faceted Hyacinth, talk to the gnome and he will ask for another 1000 pp to etch the stone. Give him the stone and 1000 pp and he will give you the Faceted Hyacinth. Take back the Hyacinth, note, necklace and orb to Kazzel and he will give you a faceted hyancinth talesm. You need to take that back to Xenyari. Upon receiving the talismm she will be struck dead and the talesm will be changed into a pulsating hyacinth talesm (+7 int and +7 agil -- SK & Necro item). Take that back to Kazzel. Make sure you have a group of friends along because when you give him the amulet a level 53 zombie called a monstrous zombie will spawn, and you have to kill it and give its heart to the Necromancer to receive your spell.


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