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Two-Handed Slashing
NamePicRatioDmgDlyWgtSpecial Abilities
Rusty Scythe.15785112.0None
Tarnished Scythe.16384912.0None
Bronze Scythe.16784813.0None
Bronze Claymore.16784811.0None
Rusty Halbred.178105614.0None
Rusty Two-Handed Sword.18095012.0None
Rusty Two-Handed Battle Axe.18494913.0None
Tarnished Halbred.185105414.0None
Tarnished Two-Handed Sword.18894812.0None
Bronze Two-Handed Sword.19194713.0None
Bronze Halbred.192105215.0None
Bronze Two-Handed Battle Axe.19694614.0None
Pestilence Scythe.200105011.9None
Footman's Vulge.214125616.0None
Two-Handed Sword.267124512.0None
Two-Handed Battle Axe.273124413.0None
Forged Two-Handed Sword.273124411.0None
Fine Steel Two-Handed Battle Axe.279124313.0None
Battleworn Two-Handed Sword.279124310.0None
Fine Steel Two-Handed Sword.279124310.0None
Combine Two-Handed Sword.279124310.0Magic
Reaper of the Dead.300124013.0Str +4, 1 Charge of Complete Healing, Magic
Opal Scythe.313154812.0+10 Sv Disease, +10 Sv Poison, Casts Disease Cloud, Magic
Brutechopper.320165011.0Magic Attack
Dwarven Two-Handed Axe.32614436.5None
Shiny Brass Halbred.333164816.0Magic
Well Balanced Two-Handed Battle Axe.333164814.0Magic
Well Balanced Two-Handed Sword.333144213.0Magic
Grobb Cleaver.333154511.0Str +3, Dex +3, Int +3, Magic, Ogr, Trl, Def only
Double Bladed Bone Axe.37518489.0Magic
Bone Bladed Claymore.378174510.0Agi -8, Magic
Ruined Steel Bastard Sword.38217448.5Str +6, Magic
Obsidian Flamberge.40020509.0Casts Obsidian Shatter, Magic
Blackened Iron Bastard Sword.42620479.0Magic
Silvery Two-Handed Axe.438214813.0Effect: Serpent Sight, Magic
Lamentation Blade.42625548.5Str +5, Sta +4, Magic
Gigantic Zwiehander.462183910.0Magic
Blood Riven Axe.475194010.0Casts Engulfing Darkness, Magic
Fleshripper.476204211.0Casts Word of Shadows, Magic
A Dark Reaver.47620429.5Casts Steal Strength, Greater Lightsource, Magic
Enchanted Battleworn Bastard Sword.47620428.5Str +7, Magic
Enchanted Fier'Dal Bastard Sword.47620428.5Str +7, Magic
Enchanted Tier'Dal Bastard Sword.47620428.5Str +7, Magic
Tainted Steel Bastard Sword.47620428.5Str +6, -5 Sv Disease, Magic
Elegant Darkwood Katana??.52521402.0Magic
Mithril Two-Handed Sword.52521408.5Effect: Haste, Magic
Efreeti Zwiehander.53324450.01Magic
Mithril Dwarven War Pick??.55525458.0Casts Word of Shadow, Magic
Ashenbone Axe.57124427.0Str +5, Sta +4, Magic
Obtenebrate Claymore.575193310.0Casts Engulfing Darkness, Magic
Razing Sword of Skarlon.62525409.5Effect: Serpent Sight, Magic
Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood.66630459.5Casts Soul Leech, Magic
A Gleaming Bastard Sword.700355010.0Magic
Beckon??.71430429.5Int +10, Magic, Ogre, Troll Only
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