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Armor - Head
NamePicArmor ClassWeightSpecial Abilities
Savant's Cap20.3Wis +3, Int +3
Cloth Cap20.2None
Runed Circlet41.0Wis +4, Int +4
Raw-Hide Skullcap40.9None
Leather Skullcap40.6None
Blackened Iron Crown56.0Str +5, +5 Sv All
Executioners Hood50.2Str +4, Dex +9
Stone Circlet62.0None
Ringmail Coif77.5None
Chainmail Coif74.5None
Banded Helm84.5None
Bronze Helm107.5None
Plate Helm106.0None
Crested Helm??105.0Str +6, Cha +3
Fine Silk Turbin100.3+10 Sv Fire
Rubicite Helm??123.5None
Crown of King Tranix??13??Cha +15, +20 Sv Magic, Effect: Serpent Sight
Darkforge Helm133.0Int +5, +5 Sv All
Skull-Shaped Barbute??135.0HP +35, +10 Sv Magic
Hammerhead Helm??134.0Str +7, Sta +7
Umbral Platemail Helm??174.5Int +9, HP +35, +10 Sv Magic
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