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Armor - Shoulder
NamePicArmor ClassWeightSpecial Abilities
Bloody Mantle-30.0Str +2, Dex +2, Cha -3
Legionnaire Shoulderpads11.9Trl, Ogr only
Cloth Shawl10.3None
Netted Mantle10.2None
Tattered Shoulderpads21.5None
Curescale Shawl20.3None
Woven Mantle20.2None
Raw-Hide Shoulderpads32.2None
Thick Black Cape31.5None
Leather Shoulderpads31.5None
Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads31.5Str +5, -10 Sv Magic
Prayer Cloth of Tunare30.3Wis +3
Mesh Mantle??30.2None
Worn Leather Shoulderpads42.0Str +4 (No Drop)
Reinforced Shoulderpads41.5None
Burynai Hide Shoulderpads41.5Str +2, Dex +2
Mantle of Mirth41.0Str -2, Wis +2, Int +2, Mana +10, -10 Sv Disease
Blackened Iron Spaulders55.0None
Ringmail Mantle54.7None
Ruined Scaled Mantle54.7None
Chainmail Mantle53.5None
Lizardscale Mantle52.5Wis +3, Int +3
Hand Woven Shoulder Guards51.9+5 Sv Cold
Pegasus Feather Cloak??65.0Dex +7, Effect: Levitate (No Drop)
Barnacle Covered Pauldron64.5+5 Sv Cold
Banded Mantle63.5None
Bloodstained Mantle63.5Str +3, +10 Sv Magic
Kunzar Mantle??74.5Agi +3, Wis +3, Dex +3 (No Drop)
Drolvarg Mantle??71.5Agi +6, +5 Sv Fire
Bronze Pauldron84.2None
Steel Pauldron84.5None
Sebilite Scale Mantle82.6Str +4, Sta +4, +2 Sv Fire, +2 Sv Disease
Carnal Pauldrons94.5Dex +7, Mana +15 (No Drop)
Adamantite Epolets94.5Wis +7
Obulus Mantle104.5Sta +5, Str +5, Mana +30 (No Drop)
Pearlescent Pauldrons??104.5Str +10, Dex +15, Int +15, Mana +50 (No Drop)
Obulus Death Shroud102.0Sta +5, Str +3, Wis +3, Mana +25, +1 Sv All
Meditative Blanket100.5Wis +3, Int +3, Str +2, Agi +2 (No Drop)
Crested Spaulders114.5Sta +6
Tattered Mantle124.5HP +20, +10 Sv Disease
Grim Pauldrons134.5Str +10 (No Drop)
Imbued Granite Spaulders2019.4+10 Sv All
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