Pilot Profile:
Nick: USS Stardestroyer
Reason I chose this nick: so Stardestroyer was taken, what was I to do?
Given name, via Ace-High: Although USS is an acronym for United States Ship, it is also widely known in the porn industry that USS stands for Unusually Small Sized. The StarDestroyer part, of course, refers to the fact that several porn starlettes careers were ruined after a scene with USS.
Real Name: Brian Narowski
Email Address: bnarows@clemson.edu
ICQ #: 610392
Age: 19
Playing from: Changes, but currently at Clemson University dorms
Where would I rather be playing from: no real preference, just any computer with a connection to the net
Favorite Ship/Race/Unit: Warbird, Zerg
Favorite Color or, if you had to pick a crayon to eat, which color would it be: pizza
Favorite Quote: "I'm invincible!" Black Knight with no arms and no legs
Favorite Bands: Korn and Tool
Favorite URLs: www.scour.net
Other Interestes/Activites: school, scuba, and tae kwon do
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