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The modern day strategy game, StarCraft combines many of the good points of Blizzards previous strategy games, WarCraft and WarCraft II with Westwoods Command & Conquer. Blizzard also utilizes its Battle.Net servers (previously for Diablo) to maximize StarCrafts multiplayer potential.

StarCraft features three very different races, unlike its predecessors (two races, nearly identical), each with its own strength and weaknesses.

Frightened MarineMuta's Assault Carrier

Terrans are a race whose strengh lie in well defended bases, until the ability to utilize their superior range becomes available. Terrans are a very versitile race, their main weaknesses come in the lack of ability to "automatically heal" like the Protoss and Zerg can, required micromanaging for special abilities, weak against the Zerg Dark Storm spell, and the need for lots of space.

Zerg's have the ability to out-swarm the other two races unlike any other. Zerg strengths reside in instant cloak detection (via Overlords), superior numbers, all units/buildings will heal completly over time and cheap counters for heavy armor (zerglings and scourg). However, Zerg forces are weak against the Terran Irradiate spell, Firebats and the Protoss Templar spell, Psi Storm.

Protoss are the ancient race of the stars. The units and buildings of this race have a set number of hit points that can never be regained, surrounded by shields which will regenerate over time. 1 vs 1, Protoss units are stronger than any other, and its Carriers and Reavers have great range - at the price of micromanagement. Protoss rely on the strength of their warriors and their very effective special abilities, coupled with the ability to build several buildings at once using a single probe. Protoss weaknesses lie in its high price (in Psi) to build units, all buildings requiring to be built next to an energy source (Pylons), and their shields (and spell energy) can be removed with a single EMP blast from a Terran Science Vessel.

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