• SubSpace Links
  • Chaos Expert The zone you will find BALLISTICS.
  • iNET Largest zone host currently available. Contains all the latest SS news as well message boards and zone information.
  • iNET Omega League The European based league in which we participate in.
  • Shiners Photo Gallery Every wonder what all those dead pilots look like? Submit your photo here.
  • United League AMLeague and WSL Leagues from VIE's legacy have joined to form this new league.
  • Warstrike Ton of information as well as SubSpace news.
  • Warzone Lots of Gaming news, as well as SubSpace related information.
    StarCraft Links
  • Battle.Net server for Blizzards online games. Contains tournaments, latest news files, support, strategy tips and more.
  • Blizzard, StarCraft's Publisher. Contains info on up and coming as well past releases.
    Infantry Links
  • Infantry The official website by the games programmers.
  • Infantry HQ all you ever wanted to know about infantry, and much more. Great site to learn about the upcoming release from the old SubSpace programming team.
  • Infantry@Warstrike contains all the latest Infantry news, as well as squad hosting.
  • Infantry Zone The official publishers site for Infantry.
    Misc. Links
  • Distrubeted.Net take your part in the worlds largest computer. If you do, be sure to join the SubSpace/Infantry Team (ID 10643).
  • Hotmail free anonymous email accounts.
  • HyperSnap DX awesome program for capturing images on your screen, from great SubSpace moments, to utter defeat by the Zerg.
  • ICQ a free online communications program. If you don't yet have it, get it!
  • Warlords Can you have a squad more ancient than warlords? I think not.
  • Dark Sun A bunch of friends of our squad can be found here.
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