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balˇlisˇtics (ba-'lis-tiks)
1 a: the science of the motion of projectiles in flight. b: the flight characteristics of a projectile.
2 a: the study of the processes within a firearm as it is fired. b: the firing characteristics of a firearm or cartridge.

BALLISTICS (ba-'lis-tiks) n.
1. a squadron that deals with the destruction of enemies through the expert and efficient control of projectiles in motion to produce rapid, critical levels of damage.
2. a squadron known for its emphasis on friendship and comraderie over statistics and points.

Welcome to the home of the squad, BALLISTICS. First started during the Golden Age of the SubSpace wars, this squadron has since grown to include other realms of gaming, including StarCraft, and the much anticipated Infantry. What started as a few valiant pilots watching each others backs in the inky darkness of space has become an entire squadron of loyal, battle-hardened blood-brothers. In the midst of Chaos, this tenacious band of pilots has managed to carve its name into the history books as one of the most consistently effective squads ever. Members of this squadron can be found in the various league and chaos zones (SubSpace), (StarCraft) and many other realms.

Feel free to look around this website. At left you will find the members of this squad, click their names for their profiles. At right you will find the navigation bar: News/Main will bring you here, Archives is our news archives, the History section is a little info regarding the life of this squad, Hall of Fame is of course, legends of this squad, the Apply button contains an application to this squad, Messages takes you to our message board, and Links will, of course, take you somewhere else. Directly below are the various games our squad can be found playing.

SubSpace: top down shooter unlike any other. It has been called an overblown version of Asteriods, far from the truth. Including the most advanced chat engine of its time, deep levels of strategy, most massively multiplayer game of all time. SubSpace is a legend in its own time - to those that have played it, and virtually nothing to those that haven't.

StarCraft: strategy game, combining both the legacy of WarCraft and Command & Conquer. Features three different races, real time strategy play, and the ability to be massively online, via Battle.Net

Infantry: a game in progress with the programming team from SubSpace. This will be a top down shooter, with several role-playing elements. It will be very team oriented, with the ability to play solo, or to hop into tanks with several friends.

Squad News
  • May 18th, 1999: Our Matches this weekend are against enterprize in United League on SAT at 7pm EST and against EGO 69 on SUN at 3pm EST...I prolly won't be here for the weekend so kick ass without me =) Ace
  • May 16th, 1999: We lost our UL match yesterday in a close one 11-8 because we sucked :P and then we lost in Euro 5-3 because of lagouts. The second match was a good one and we worked well together, but a 4 on 3 match for most of the time was too much for us. Looks like we still suck in league...but there's always next weekend =) Ace
  • May 11th, 1999: We lost against Bloodlust and Flock last weekend...we're in a major slump. We need to shake it off and get our old rythm back...keep practicing, the wins will come. Our matches this weekend are against One spirit in UL on SAT at 5pm EST and against Triumph in Omega on SUN at 3pm EST. In Other news, I am retiring from doing match write-ups for a while (no one sent me the logs and I wasn't present) due to time-constraints and lack of interest. If anyone else wants to take the job, let me or bort know and we'll help u get started. Ace
  • April 24th, 1999: Elysium tore us up. We've got a long way to go in league as long as people still think they can get better by playing more chaos. Get yer asses in league so we can prove we're a TEAM rather than a ragtag group of chaos fools ;) Ace
  • April 19th, 1999: K, instead of losing 12-5, we lost 12-5. Only Bort, Kepi and Van showed. We don't have a UL match this weekend, but we have an iNet match vs. Elysium Saturday at 3pm Est. Ace
  • April 19th, 1999: We lost a weird match today, it's under protest, we'll see how it goes. League page and match write up are done. Ace
  • April 16th, 1999: The match scheduled for tomorro in Euro has been postponed one week...or so they say. Continuing coverage on iNet's breakdown will be provided. Ace
  • April 13th, 1999: Our match this weekend is against 18 Buddhas scheduled for (TIME CHANGED:this is now correct) to Sunday 3pm up and let's whip some fat, zen lovin' ass. Ace. I reformatted the league page, its kinda cheesy, but will work it out better later. Also, did a couple touch ups to the top of this page, hopefully making this site work a little better. Send me your screenshots so I can get our screenshot section going good. Bort
  • April 9th, 1999: Great team effort in our win over Apathy today. Final Score 12:7. Ace
  • April 7th, 1999: We have a match vs. Apathy this Saturday at 2pm EST...crack yer knuckles and get ready for an old fashioned brawl-a-thon =) Ace
  • March 29, 1999: Updated the League page with the match against CrestFallen. Also, matches are canceled for the upcoming Easter weekend so keep practicing and don't let the week off soften you up :P Ace
  • March 28, 1999: Updated the League page with the match against )(MasteR)( Ace

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