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Kneeling SoldierInfantry is the up and coming release from the SubSpace programming team.

Since Infantry has not yet been released, this website is just a format setup until content becomes available.

Until that time check out Harmless Games Infantry site, from the creators, and for the latest faq's, news and message boards, Infantry HQ is he place to go. Additional Infantry information can be found in the links section. Below are screenshots released by the games creators (warning, large files).

  • 5 vs 2 on base attack.
  • Tank and automated defenses take on a few soldiers.
  • 6 vs 4 encamped.
  • 4 vs 1 in a control room (die jeff, die!).
  • 2 Heavy armor and a soldier gang up on T_Swift.
  • Player Stats, a preliminary screen for increasing rod's stats.
  • Lancaster, Rodvik on a hoverboard and a tank.
  • Rod and his hoverboard with an explosion.
  • Control Room that Rod is exploring, checking out the details of his energy pistol.
  • Radar view
  • Large Map view
  • Mine Layer on a road in the sky
  • Weapons Purchase Screen a list of several weapons, with particular details on the flamethrower
  • NivaG using "Mind StormX4", psionic ability?

    Gun-toting Soldier

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