Squad History

BALLISTICS was originated in SubSpace Chaos Zone West, born from the friendship od Kepi, Eek A Mouse, Bro and Cavitation, based primarily on skill, merits and friendship. Ever since, these four founding fathers have shaped BALLISTICS into the elite squad of today. Placing within the top 5 highest ranked Chaos squads is the true definition of teamwork and perserverance.

Since its inception, BALLISTICS has carefully recruited and trained its members to be the best of pilots, but more importantly, the best of friends. The following is a list of squadron members that shape and define the very meaning of the word, ballistics, in the order of their acceptance into the squad:

    Bro (founder/leader)
    Cavitation (founder/leader)
    Eek A Mouse (founder/leader)
    Kepi (founder/leader)
    Agent Steel
    Floppy Protocol
    Pimp-25 (leader)
    Bortas (leader)
    Death Threat
    Ace High (assistant leader)
    Vandal (assistant leader)
    Mac Man
    USS StarDestroyer
    Black Satin

Mid June, 1998, due to an increase of applicants, BALLISTICS started a farm squad, Ballistics Farm (pretty original, eh?). Designed to be a place to train potential new BALLISTICS members. Lasting three full months, Ballistics Farm was disbanded due to time constraints of its leaders. At this time, four members of the farm team moved on to BALLISTICS, Fuzion, Mac Man, Vandal and Caddy.

October 10, 1998 we said goodbye to a pair of our members, Eek A Mouse and Floppy Protocol, due to real life constraints.

January, 1999 VIE servers officially went down. At this time the squad moved as a whole to SSCU Chaos Expert, to continue dominating on the Finish chaos server.

February, 1999 Eek A Mouse returns to our online community, glad to have him back with us.

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