Pilot Profile:
Nick: Kepi
Reason I chose this nick: Kepi=Jeff (in Hawaiin that is...learned that from a hooker I met in Waikiki on vacation)
Given name, via Ace-High: Just a shortening of the famous phrase "Kepim thirteen" uttered by Jose Convierno in the famous porn movie "Saving Ryan's Privates." Jose, of course, was referring to vietnamese teenage whores. And we all know how kepi feels about little girls.
Real Name: Jeff Vo
Email Address: qvo@haywire.csuhayward.edu
ICQ #: 7145413
Age: 23
Playing from: San Jose, California
Where would I rather be playing from: Playboy Mansion
Favorite Ship/Race/Unit: Leviathan and Warbird
Favorite Color or, if you had to pick a crayon to eat, which color would it be: Green (This is not really my favorite but since Ace and his twisted mind came up with this question, I had to pick green since I haven't been eating my vegetables lately)
Favorite Quote: "Lettuce spray for whirled peas..."
Favorite Bands: All types of music except country, of course
Favorite URLs: Cool Free Stuff (http://www.zdnet.com/swlib), mp3 Galore (http://www.mp3dda.com), where I kick all squaddies ass (http://play.yahoo.com/games/login?game=Chess), Cav showed me this one (http://www.persiankitty.com), Ballistics (http://ballistics.cjb.net)
Other Interestes/Activites: volleyball, computers, football, games, pipebombs
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