Pilot Profile:
Nick: Dazed
Reason I chose this nick: errrrr, ummmm =)
Given name, via Ace-High: Poor dazed...even mr. winky is dizzy from all the lag. Turn your refresh up and get a better connection ;)
Real Name: Adam Robertson
Email Address: adam_akld@hotmail.com
ICQ #: 4674320
Age: 16
Playing from: New Zealand
Where would I rather be playing from: Where ever the SS servers are =)
Favorite Ship/Race/Unit: Leviathan
Favorite Color or, if you had to pick a crayon to eat, which color would it be: Dark Purple
Favorite Quote: WTF?
Favorite Bands:Pearl Jam, Mettalica, Sublime, Offsring, Fat boy slim, R.a.g.e, Silverchair, Sepultura, Pantera, Soundgarden and lots more.....
Favorite URLs:
Other Interestes/Activites: Rugby, Rugby league, Go Kart racing, Getting wasted at PARTIES!!! yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa !!
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