Here are some rules of conduct that are expected to be followed members of Realm of Ages:

  • Killstealing, powerlooting, and intentionally training another individual/group/zone IS NOT tolerated, and is considered a serious threat to the guilds reputation.
  • There are a series of requirements for joining Realm of Ages, the entire list can be found at our requirements page.
  • No one will be forced to do anything. We are not that kind of guild. However, if you are needed to assist in a certain matter, it is encouraged that you make an effort to help out. There will be times when it isn't possible due to camps, quests, etc.. We understand this, but the more involved you are in helping out your fellow guild members, the more involved they will be in helping you when you need it.
  • When playing anonymous please use the /role command so your guild tag remains and other guild members are able to see you when checking to see who is online.
  • If a group of six RoA members is fighting for experience and an item of value drops and is not needed by a member of the group, it is to be rolled on. Obviously, if a piece of Tolan's drops, and you have a ranger in need, you should give it to said ranger. Loot that is acquired on a guild raid (raid is two or more groups sharing experience) is to be handed to an officer to award or place on the Guild Treasury board. Officers will award guild raid loot before the end of the raid. The raid participants deserve the first consideration for loot. Loot is only to be posted on the Treasury board if none of the raid participants are interested in it.
  • Loots regarding rares in event type camps (Fire giants, Efreeti, Kedge, Dragons, Planes, etc..) should be checked by group leaders ONLY. This is to prevent accidental loots on possible no drop items. Group leaders will call out loot and distribute items by whatever loot order was established prior to the event.
  • Please do not ask or expect the guild to help powerlevel yourself or your twink. There will be times when someone may offer or want to do this for you, which is great. Just don't make it an expectation. Getting your twinks their epic is NOT our priority.
  • Please do not use guild chat to spout out single word profanities forcing everyone to reply "what's wrong?" This gets rather annoying. Just state the problem so others know what's wrong and can reply to your statement.
  • DO NOT use guildchat to bash on other guilds. We have our way of doing things and they have theirs. Many Realm of Ages members most likely have friends or allies in those other guilds and wont appreciate the rude remarks or comments. If another guild does something to you or another person, let the guild know and we will attempt to deal with it. Simply spouting out you hate a certain guild or what bastards they are wont lead to anything productive.

These rules are reasonable and necessary to establish a structure within Realm of Ages and prevent possible problems that may arise. If you are unclear on any of these rules, simply ask an officer to clarify it. If you cannot follow any of these rules, Realm of Ages is probably not the guild for you.

Loot: Loot in the game is voted on by the officers. Players seeking a particular item will be asked to 'aye' as well as link current item in slot to acknowledge the fact that they are interested in the item. If you want to be considered for an item, we suggest you show up to as many raids as possible. Guild progression is a team effort. Players who only show up when they stand to benefit will be living off the guild's table scraps. All money items are to be given to an officer to sell for the guild fund.

Revolving Door Policy: We can't all get along one hundred percent of the time. Members need to keep this in mind. If something is bothering you, please bring it to the attention of an officer. In the past, we have seen several members leave the guild in anger, only to reapply almost instantly. This will no longer be tolerated. No one is impressed with this type of tantrum. From now on, if you decide to leave Realm of Ages, only to change your mind, you will be required to wait 30 days before you may reapply for membership.

Applying to RoA: If you are interested in Realm of Ages, or wish to see what we require of our applicants, take a look at our requirements page.