Realm of Ages is one of the top guilds on the server, due to its members that have made it such a great guild. RoA is one of the oldest and largest guilds on Fennin Ro that is still active, mainly due to the members who have shown dedication, loyalty, and teamwork. We consider ourselvesmore of a family guild than a hardcore raiding guild. That can be taken two ways. First, many in the guild have families, and other real life obligations. We do not require them to abandon those responsibilities for the guild. Second, the guild is a family in itself. Many in the guild are friends, have met IRL, and feel like the guild is an extended family. This family does enjoy raiding and progressing through EverQuest content however. If you think you would be interested in becoming a member of the Realm of Ages, please read the requirements listed below and post an application.

Applicant Rules:
Applicants may not have any applications to other guilds while applying to RoA. You are expected to attend raids and get to know your peers. You may not aye on loot until it is opened to applicants. Others should not have access to your account unless special circumstances, which must be PM'd to an officer via the boards. You must apply with the character you intend to play; we do not need people wasting our time playing their twinks. You must know how to use message boards, create a username using only the FIRST NAME of your character, such as "Kahntun", NOT "Kahntun_Froglover69". You are expected to check the boards often, as it is the main source of communication outside the game, and you must keep current on threads and activities posted therein.

Level and AA's:
The requirements have been increased to level 65 with at least the second class (Archetype) title. Applicants with the critical AA's for their class have a greater chance at being accepted than those who do not. If you do not meet these requirements, you are still encouraged to seek us out and help us get to know you. Experience comes with time, so does trust. Gain both by hanging with members as much as you can.

Keys and Flags:

  • Keys - Emperor and VT Keys are still encouraged, but not absolutely mandatory. We suggest you work on them when you can, so you can join us in VT at times. But raid attendance when possible, and xp grouping to get to know members while an app, are more important. Old world keys, such as VP and ST are good to have, but not a requirement any longer.
  • Flags - The more the better. We are an Elemental Guild, and piggyback slots are limited. We do attempt to backflag when nothing else is going on or a high number of flags is needed, but an app is expected to be proactive in getting caught up with flags. The current SOE flagging system can be a pain at times, but do your best to get caught up whether it be open raids, ally's raids, or being logged on for our retro events.

    All applicants must post an accurate Magelo profile on their application. This is to show us where you stand on equipment and AA/spells. You must have at least 1 indoor instaclick item, preferably 2, especially with the song slot changes. You must have an enduring breath item. A shrink item is recommended if you are a large race. You should be able to achieve 100+ in each resist category without buffs, make a Magelo profile showing your resist gear.

    If you meet all requirements listed above, fill out an application on the Joining Realm of Ages forum with the title being your character's name, class and level. Include in the message the following:

  • A little about yourself
  • Playtimes, internet connection, raid history
  • Your character and guild history
  • Your Magelo profile (see above)
  • Why you are choosing RoA, and what you can do for us
  • How you play your character in a raid situation
  • Any other relevant information you want to add

    After you have posted an application, the thread will be locked, and your application process has begun. Once it has determined that your character meets all the necessary requirements, officers will vote on your application, and if approved, you will be invited into our applicant guild, Age of Renaissance, and you will be granted access to this message board on our forums. There is no longer a specified time limit on applications. Members will vote on your application when they have spent ample time getting to know you. The more you are around Realm of Ages the faster the process will be. If you are a casual player, it may take longer, but now you won't be denied based on a time limit.

    If you are approved by the membership you will be contacted and tagged by an officer and are on probation for 60 days. After the probation period has ended the officers will vote again. Officers reserve the right to vote a member out if they see repeated signs of problematic behaviour.

    Thank you for your interest in Realm of Ages, good luck to you in the days ahead!