Shadow Knights - The Definitive Guide

Welcome to the definitive Shadow Knight's guide.

Consider yourself forwarned: this site is a complete spoiler. Inside you will find detailed weapons and armor statistices, spell effects, quest information, skill use and more.

I am a roleplayer at heart, which leads to the question as to why I would create and maintain a spoiler site. The answer is simple: so much of our (mine) in-game experience is ruined by requests for armor stats, who spawns where and such. This site exists to provide that information, so that while in game we can focus on the true joy of the game -- roleplaying.

Enjoy yourself --Bortas

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- Site News -

9-25-00 - Added pics to the Gallery. I apologize for all the delays, just goes to show we don't always do what we intend. Why don't I update? That's easy! I come home from work and play EQ, tieing up my only system. Well, no more! I just bought a cheesy p100 platform to try a Linux home server on (to network my wife and my PC together for a single T1 connection... yay!). The disadvantage is that I will need to learn a new OS, which could take some time, the advantages include, a faster connection, but more importantly, I can work on the sight while meditating ;) And boy, at lvl 50, it takes some *time* to meditate! For those that care, I am a few pieces short of full umbral (BP and Legs, ouch), I recently got lvl 50, life leech to go with it. I must admit to succumbing to the caster desire, and have been having fun playing a druid newbie. BTW: druids are EASY!. To all you druids, play a real class, with some real challenge ;) So... I will update the site, and I should have the means to do so more frequently soon. Stay tuned :). -bort

8-12-00 - Updated waist armor with some of the pictures that were missing as well as shoulder armor.

8-10-00 - Updated waist armor section. You will notice that many of the icon's are missing. I think I may do the revamp in this fashion, info first, pics later. I'm not sure when I will add those pics.

7-20-00 - Added several new pics to the gallery, touched up a couple of things on skills and shields. I know the site just keeps getting more and more out of date. Been having too much fun in EQ now that I can goto planes and dragon raids. I'll update it in bits and pieces when I have time. I'd really love to do that full item revamp.

6-01-00 - Added 64 new piercing weapons as well as a new article. Darkforge Armor weight has been updated in the armor section.


Site Opened 7/8/99:

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