Shadow Knights - The Definitive Guide

Last update: 2/21/00
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This site is dedicated to Shadow Knights, their spells, armor, weapons, magical items and more. This site will quite possibly be very useful to other classes as well, but its primary function will be information for the knights of evil.

The information gathered here is what little knowledge I have accrued in my meager travels as a Dark Warrior. As such, I am in need of the information that you have gathered as well, be it newbie equipment, or detailed stats on rubicite armor. At the bottom of each section you will see a small form to submit information to me. While functional, the form isn't very good. Please, send me an email, to Include: a screenshot of the item (jpg format plz, .bmp is too big) in your in your backpack/spellbook, armor class, weight, damage, delay, special abilities, range, which categories it fits into, etc etc. For tactics and quests, be as detailed as you can.


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