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EQ @ Sony - The official gaming site. Has a bunch of resources, but news is behind EQ Vault a bit. Great Shockwave stuff.

EQ Headquarters - Great site for hosting, news and game info. Weak on the message boards, but working hard at keeping all the many subpages up to date.

EQ Vault - THE site for news and message boards, resources kind of weak and out of date.

EQ Stratics - Good but dated resources, news is a little behind EQ Vault, but still good stuff.

BattleVortex EQ - Great news and polls, but weak in resources and message boards.

Realms of EverQuest - Good news and community action messages.

EQ Portal Good reasources not hosted on other servers, little or no news or message boards.

EQ Atlas Maps and info of various places in EQ.

The Knight Watch Information and message boards, along with several guides.

Still getting all my links together, feel free to email me a link to your EQ site.
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