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    At left is a little information on the individual Vangels that run Chaos Zone MEast. Below is a little information on Vangels in general.

    Vangels have been around VIE servers for a long time. They were asked to run the zone in the absence of continual VIE observation. Since SubSpace went retail, Vangels have been given increasing freedom in what they are allowed to do with their respective zone, Blackie asked them to "tinker" with the settings. In recent months, the head Vangel of each zone was given SysOp access, allowing them to run their zone more affectively.

    CZE Vangels dedicate their time trying to make this zone a better place to play. They identify and eliminate cheaters, organize, coordinate and host special events, answer the questions of players, in addition to holding weekly public meetings for informative purposes, gathering public opinions and setting zone policy (including policy on cheats zone settings, etc.).

    People interested in becoming Vangels should be an active participant in zone discussion (through both the message board and weekly meetings), spend a large deal of time in CZE, be both capable and willing to answer countless questions, donate their time without benifits and most importantly be a free thinker. The Vangels need people that can come up with ideas and opinions that differ from the ones they already have. First, prove yourself capable, then you might be invited to lose all of your free time, your lady friends, and any respect players had for you :)

    You may have noticed that the number of vangels is lower than it has been in the past, this is for a few reasons, including: goddamn, they found a life!! and to make the voting process much simpler. New vangels (either new or replacing leaving vangels) will be brought up from the other mods associated with chaos. Mods are brought in pretty much by invite, those that prove themselves capable by their actions. Repeatedly asking someone for mod access probably won't get you very far.

    Chat Channel
    To get ahold of the Vangels, moderators or general chaos foolios, join the chat, cze. If you have no other chat, type ?chat=cze and use the ; key to send to it. If you already have a chat channel, you are allowed to have up to five chats, for example ?chat=cze,omega. ; sends to the channel cze and ;2; send to channel omega.
    CZE Vangel meetings are held every Tuesday night, at 10pm EST. The location is in the zone (type ?go meeting).