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    The squads database has been cleared to start again, due to so many non-existant squads. Please sign yours up again.

    Squad Name/URLSquad Captain(s)
    BallisticsAce-High, Bortas
    DragonWingsGagrgoyl (L)
    FenixTurnip, neef, fatal, trash
    +Intelli+Psycho Psematic
    )(MasteR)(Wish Master)!(, TopGun97
    MupsiLuuriLuolakana, Fallim
    No DataPanTau, Frodo
    TurretEastThe Real Picard
    CornholiosCapt. Cornholio

    Add your squad to this list (incomplete forms will not be added):

    Enter your name:

    Enter your squad's name:

    Enter your squad leader's name:

    Enter your squad's URL:

    Chat Channel
    To get ahold of the Vangels, moderators or general chaos foolios, join the chat, cze. If you have no other chat, type ?chat=cze and use the ; key to send to it. If you already have a chat channel, you are allowed to have up to five chats, for example ?chat=cze,omega. ; sends to the channel cze and ;2; send to channel omega.
    CZE Vangel meetings are held every Tuesday night, at 10pm EST. The location is in the zone (type ?go meeting).