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    Chaos is the best stand alone Subspace zone in existance. Its simple: no rules, go in, kill some stuff, leave whenever. However, occasionally its nice to have a little focus to the game. This is what special events are for. Chaos with Direction. An oxymoron, I know, but true nonetheless. For now, only two special events exist in chaos: Master of Chaos, and Bort's Special Events. Hopefully our repertoire will grow with time. Check out what we have now, at left.

    Chat Channel
    To get ahold of the Vangels, moderators or general chaos foolios, join the chat, cze. If you have no other chat, type ?chat=cze and use the ; key to send to it. If you already have a chat channel, you are allowed to have up to five chats, for example ?chat=cze,omega. ; sends to the channel cze and ;2; send to channel omega.
    CZE Vangel meetings are held every Tuesday night, at 10pm EST. The location is in the zone (type ?go meeting).