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    Sorry I couldn't make the meeting, hope things went well. Its that time, map change is up till friday night, this one from absocold. Let the world know what you think of it on the message board. Bort


    New screenshot up, from the special events tonight after i reset ships before turret wars :) Events went decent, hope everyone had fun, we did: rabbit chase, turret wars, only one, more sacks on bort and j12 attack/defend. Cya there next week. Bortaroonie


    I will be starting up my special events this coming Wednesday at 8pm PST (11pm EST). Read through the various events, I might do any of them. Bortinski


    At the meeting the days the map changes will be up has been changed from thurs-sun to tues-fri. Do you care what happens with the map? Think the changes are too often? Not often enough? Let your voice be heard at next weeks meeting, or risk having what you don't want to happen... happen. Also, what do you think about the Lanc, too weak? Too powerful? goto and let your thoughts be heard. Bortalamadingdong


    Map back to the standard. This weeks vangel meeting will discuss the frequency of which maps are changed (we will probably end up slowing down the rate... but we'll see). In other news, I'm back down to one job only, my time for Chaos will be greatly increased, good for those who like me, bad for those who don't ;) Just a hint of the future: staffing change immenent.. details when they exist. Bortinator


    Conspiracy Theory's map goes up for the usual 96 hours... I have stuck in reverse, havn't decided if it will go up yet. I will be very difficult to contact for the next two weeks, moving again... yay. Dang long, busy, boring summer... Bortas


    Standard Chaos map is back up, submit me some maps for the switch in two weeks. I will be unable to attend tomorrow's meeting, birthday in the family. See everyone next week. Bortas


    Map is up, 96 hrs later it will revert. Spawn settings changed so you will hopefully not spawn outside map :P Bortas


    Note on map: Sorry for not informing everyone sooner, but I hadta delay on the map (again), forgot about settings changes associated with smaller maps, will get that figured out, and will be up next weekend, I promise ;) MoC went pretty good... halfway through I challenged the winner to a duel. After several rounds of competition (with over 50 ppl playing and speccing), Pempu came out on top! Congrats! I will get his info up under the MoC page as soon as I get all the info I need from him. In a duel afterwards (yeah, I regreened him :P), in a tight gunbattle, after several minutes, I edged him out... with 96 nrg remaining (ego statement, get over it :P). Bortas


    Master of Chaos tourney THIS Saturday, 8pm PST, 11pm EST. See page for rules under special events. Thursday night the map will change, courtesy of Anna Puma and the various maps he stole from ;) Bortas


    Oh, forgot one thing yesterday, Chaos Showcase has been completed, check it out. Bort


    Message board is online, thanks to Fiery, go check it out. Everyone important to me, send me an icq so i can get you on my list ;) Bortas


    Back; sorta. Its going to take me a good week to be back to 100%, but next weekend the map will be changed, sorry for the delay. Bortas


    Bad News: My hard disk crashed, total failure, zero recoverable data. This means: 1) I will be afk till its replaced 2) The map that was due to go up this weekend will be delayed... at least a week, possibly 3) Don't email me or icq me if you expect a response :P 4) This means my icq list will be gone, as well as all my email addresses (not to mention backed up websites, plus websites in the making, along with some $20 an hour graphic design projects :( ). So, when you see the next news posting on here by me, send me an icq so i can get everyone readded. In addition, this means any communication with warstrike about getting the illegal "POST" opperation fixed will be delayed. Again. Oh well, shit happens, someone send me $300 for new motherboard/hd/case ;) Bortas


    Warstrike is back up, message boards still aren't working, won't be long. New screenshot is up, no, none of the "bortas" are me, although, I may have been a thrull ;) Oh yeah, map switch this weekend, thurs night around midnight. Bortas


    Map goes back to normal today, hope you enjoyed Jolly's West version. Send me your maps for the switch that happens in two weeks, otherwise, we'll have Jolly's again :P Also, new screenshot in the "daily" section, from Shuko being goofy. Bortas


    Catherine Zeta Jones, anon chaos lamer ;) wins the Master of Chaos tourney this evening, expect pilot profile online in the moc section soon. Havn't decided when doing next one... either in a month or in two weeks. Bortas


    Don't ask, cause I don't know whats happening with Warstrike. This will be our temporary home (and thus, no webboards... still :( ) until Warstrike rises from the depths again. I encourage you all to continue using as it will automatically point to the new site once it is ready to go. Also, today, Jolly's old west map goes online for the standard 96 hrs, be sure to send me your chaos maps so they have a chance of going in. Also, on the lighter side of things, Raptor I and Metanis, who met through Subspace are getting married!! Thanks to North for the notification, here is a brief excerpt from Metanis:

    Our kids started it all. I gave my kids a PC for Christmas and an internet account. A month later my son told me about this game called Subspace. I tried it and died a lot. So eventually ended turreting a lot. I was riding on DEATHSPARK one day and he asked me some questions about how old I was and so forth. When he found out I was "older" and single, he said, "You've got to meet my mom, Raptor I". Well, we did introduce ourselves and started to chat a little. Soon, it seemed like turreting and chatting to Raptor were all I wanted to do. Chatting led to a phone call, then another, and after 3 months, Raptor and I agreed it was time to meet. She has a friend in Milwaukee WI, and so we decided to meet at the friend's house. Raptor drove down from her home in north central WI, and I flew up from my home in Atlanta GA. Well, we seemed to hit it off really well. Over the next 3 months we got together 5 more times. In between seeing each other, our lives were devoted to Subspace. We played Subspace a lot and turreted together. We were not very good gunner's because we were always chatting to one another. Most of the drivers knew this and didn't seem to mind. Sometimes it was embarrassing when we would type in blue or yellow when we meant to type in green :). So we met the first time in February of '97 on Subspace. Then we "met" for real in April of '97. By November of '97, I had sold my home in Atlanta and moved to Wisconsin. I proposed to Raptor in February of '98 and we are just now getting around to actually showing up in church together.

    -- Bortas


    Yay, stuff happening with Warstrike. My apologies for missing the meeting, I was cooking ;) We'll talk about zero bty start next week. Bortas


    Warstrike move is finally happening, some of you will see this site, some of you won't. Screenshot has been updated with a nasty legends turret. Bortas


    Wormy's map is offline, kind of a nice switch, without changing everything. ATTENTION: Master of Chaos is back, is schedueled for Saturday, July 3rd, at 8pm PST (11pm EST), no sign-ups will be required. Refresh your mind on the rules in the events section. Also in the events section, Bort's Wednesday Night Events... date and time of opening night is as yet unschedueled. However, you can see what events I am planning for the first night, and I will gladly except any event ideas you may have (but only if it requires no settings changes). In two weeks, Jolly's west map is schedueled to go up for four days, feel free to send me your chaos maps. Bortas


    Wormhole Fiend's inverted map goes up for the standard 96 hrs. Two weeks from now, Jolly's west map is schedualed to go up. Bortas


    Anyone else pissed with how slow this server transfer is taking? I keep thinking any hour now, and go reload. I can't wait to get to the boards all uploaded onto the new server. Any hour now ;) I decided to go ahead and upload the new format from my computer (and you wonder why I'm not flying around :P). This format mirrors iNET's a little closer, with the exception of the blue background on the left table, lemme know if you want to goto the normal black background that looks like the inet one. Cya on the flipside, Bort-out


    Ace-High's Chaos Showcase is going for another round, go vote. Goto the iNET main board, there is a funny thread involving me there ;) Bortas


    This is the new Warstrike server, looks different, eh? ;) The message boards are online, just click on em at left. Bort


    The Warstrike transfer has been signed up with Internic, and should take place within hours or days depending on where you live. The message boards are there and intact, waiting for us. I will post a news on the other site, so you will that you are surfing on the new server. On a side note, this server switch has and will make my email really unreliable for the past few and the next few days, no guarentees. Also, new banning software is online, expect details soon. Bortas


    My apologies, the email I recieved regarding the server transfer made it seem as if the move was hours away (as this was not the first mail I received regarding) rather than weeks away. I would love to set up the boards again, except they are stored on a computer I won't have access to for a few more days. They will be back up as soon as possible, sorry for the wait. Bortas


    Whats this? News? Not much exicting has been happening in Chaos lately. We fight, we kill, we die. Some cheat, get caught, get banned, others don't. Master of Chaos has not yet been schedueled or updated, as it is unclear who will be able to coordinate one, as I will be moving during the normal time, as well as other activites and obligations that other mods are serving. Have I quit and left you guys? Never. Yes, I have found renewed joy in gaming in EverQuest, but SubSpace will always hold a special place in my heart, not necessarily for the game itself, but more for the people involved. I have not been entirely absent, rather been incognito, both on my chats, and in name. There is ... a great deal of CRAP that surrounds owning a zone in this game, with finals impending, moving on the horizon, and marriage (i'm engaged!) in the not-so-distant future, I was at a loss to deal with all of this in addition to SubSpace. Have things crashed around me? Not even close. The staff of this zone has done a great job of keeping up without my ever-present presence. They have continued their fight against cheats, sending me the necessary info to ban, to be taken care of the same day by myself. Hats off to Pags, my right hand man, who did a great job keeping the staff together. In truth, hats off to all you as well, everyone who sticks through everything this game can throw at them deserves some recognition. You all are as much my family (good and bad ;P) as the people that that raised me. I love and hate you all. Is this a resignation? Hardly, just some stuff I started typing before I got to the point of this news posting: Warstrike servers are planning a big move. What does this mean to you? I am deactivating the message board till that servers goes online, mainly so that I can save the current status of the message board. Once all is taken care of on the new server, this page will automatically forward to the new location. Thats it. All this crap for a small notification :P Cya 'round. Bortas


    For those that don't attend meetings, this was one you should have. Ploss limits before getting booted to spec were lowered to 15% both ways. Also a few things were done to balance the ship settings a little: 1) Javelin's starting speed increased (not the top speed, just how much it starts with) 2) Spiders can see mines on radar (sound like league a little? it is) 3) Weasel bomb damage lowered from 750 to 675 on direct. Keep in mind that the weasel still: sees mines on radar, has no firing delay after bombs as well as prevents opponents from charging. This is a controversial change, and the vote on it was close. Keep in mind that when chaos went to circular shrap (remember that? been a while), the other ships were weakened in comparison... and remember the weasel still has lots of positives to its advantage. The weasel and spider changes reflect several leagues... except they make the weasel bombs do even less than we do :) Bortas


    Last day to sign up for MoC. What do you all think of the zone settings, keep or no? Bort


    Well, i ditched the ship settings, and replaced it with the zone settings, have fun deciphering it. Bortas


    Hadar's map modification will go online here shortly, it will be up for a day or two, let us all know what you think about it on the message board. Its AWC's tilest, plus Hadar's modifications, and I took out one fly under tile spot in N13 for FPS considerations. At the meeting, a couple of changes to the Master of Chaos time limit were made, and the thor count was lowered 5% in the zone.Bort


    Shameless promotion. UL (United League) is up and running, and is permission only. We will have fully refereed practice matches this weekend (2/27-2/28). If you want more information on joining and/or participating in UL, please go to the main UL site. Thanks, sbd


    Quick meeting tonight, as per many past requests and the majority tonight, downgrade greens have been removed from the zone. This will prevent any negative result from greening (excepting shutdowns and depletes). To compensate, the likelyhood of getting damage from combat has been increased. We will likely tweak the combat damage setting next week. Bortas


    I am looking for 3D models of the SS ships, if anyone has em or knows where I can find them, please contact me, the only 3d proggy i have is 3D Smax. Also, I lost the info I had recorded earlier regarding webhosts, please email me if you know of great hosts. Bortas


    MoC, tomorrow, 3pm PST, think I got it this time :) I managed to record the reset winners at long last, but I did miss a couple of squad categories. I switched over to include the top five in each category, let me know if you just want the winners. Also, I will probably add a winners java appelet at top, like the old VIE page, but for chaos only. Bortas


    My apologies to everyone, I misread my own website and thought MoC was 6pm PST, not EST. In light of my mistake the 5th Master of Chaos tourney will be at 6pm EST (yes, I'll remember this time :P), next Saturday. Bortas


    Two important news items today. The zone policy page is finally up and running, hopefully to be revised as requires. The second important piece of information regards the two different chaos zones that are currently available to us. Instead of posting the same information that is in the news.txt that will be put in both zones, instead I will put the news.txt here, it is imperitive that your read this news file, which you will be forced to do when you enter the zone anyways. Finally, after you have evaluated both zones, follow this link to vote. As far as I am concerned, the banning methods make my mind up, please let us know what you think abd why. Bortas


    You may have noticed that Chaos is sporting a new map, nothing much has changed, but the tileset is almost totally new. I am starting a thread on the message board, let us all know what your think and why. Bortas.


    The main page at UL now has a public message board available for comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Please use it for any further suggestions and questions instead of emailing me. The main questions I've been asked are also answered on the front page of the same site.



    Hi. I just broke into this page to spam about the new League. (OK, well, Bortas gave some info, but still, I'm feeling clandestine.) Until Feb. 2nd (at least), the new League will be public. Click on Find Servers and add "SSCE United League(RiSC)" to your list to get used to the new settings. The usual League settings are in place (400 start bty, no bursts, no safes, record resets when you change freqs, etc.). As soon as I have all the Roster information I need, it will switch to a permission zone, so get in there soon to see what it's like. Also, click here for more League information.



    Waiting for my apartment paperwork to go through, hopefully I will be back soon. I have heard that I have been offered a position with the US Chaos server (not an official offer, and certainly no decision). Please read my post on the message board and let me know your preferences on zones. Also, I added a link in the menu frame to Ace-High's Chaos Showcase, be sure to go there and place your vote. Captain Harloch runs events in other zones, and he requested a link to his next event, check it out at


    I will be moving out of my dorm this weekend (goodbye fast connect...) in a rather sudden move. I will be looking for and moving into an apartment in coming days. Expect me to be gone for a little while, although i might be able to check messages. I really hate for it to be so sudden, but hey, I save $300 I don't have this way. In the meantime, I leave the zone in the more than capable hands of Chaos' mods and the iNET Staff. Wish me luck in finding an apartment near my buds :) Bortas


    I still have had no luck getting webbbs up and running, anyone experienced in cgi scripts, i would appreciate a hand. The cheat situation is starting to get somewhat better, as more and more lame-asses are getting permanetly banned from all zones linked to iNET's billing server. I finished the brief zone policy page, but it is still under revision by the Vangels, expect it to go public within a few days. The proposed "fix" for chaos league didn't work... still tossing around ideas :( Ok, now for the crap news: I got a new email account [], i will have the page updated to include that info, I am going to try and get hotmail to forward to there. Next, I am planning on my own webserver ( still looking for ideas), and was curious to see if anyone knows of a half decent host to check out. Bort



    This is a notice to all frequenters of the CZE (public) webboard
    We recently had someone do some funky html or java code, resulting in the loss off all linked messages to our webboard but one. I have since deleted this message and bortas has uploaded an outdated message board to the website. All the messages are on the web, but they are not linked from what people see as the board.
    So, if anyone has wwwboard.html cached on their computer, send the file to either Bortas or myself.
    Please do not log into the webpage until such time as you have checked your caches over (if possible check all files with extension .html in your cache directory). For example - my path is C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program\cache

    Thank you for your time,

    CZE SMod and Vangel



    Master of Chaos tourney was this evening, details ont he message board. This means sign ups for the next one (three weeks!) are under way. Chaos League got another setback, the fix for the problem doesn't appear to be working, I will keep on it. I am also working on a policies page for the public viewing. Bortas



    I figured out how to change the ?sheep message for real this time, submit your slogan below. Bort

    Your SS Handle:
    Your Slogan
    Press button once



    The non-underlined links were removed from most of the main section, and i fixed the top frame size. The meeting went good, lotsa info, and the lag settings are now in place, and might be tweaked. To get kicked to spec mode, you will need greater than: 750ms ping, 10% ploss S2C, 15% ploss C2S. Also, people mentioned changing the ?sheep message, unfortunatly, it can only be pretty short, so our plan won't work, currently the website url is listed there. Bortas



    Don't forget the Vangel meeting tomorrow night, 10pm EST (4am GMT, can you say rescheduel?), in iNET Chaos Expert, spawn ?go meeting. Mostly an informative session for all with questions, as well as anything you all would like to bring up. Bortas.



    I still have the old format for the CZE site backed up on my computer. This new format pretty much assumes you play in iNET Chaos Expert. If enough people want the old format, then thats what we will do. Also, I put a counter on top of the page to go with the new format. Bortas


    VIE servers are down again, it appears this is permanent. Anyone else tired of this roller-coaster ride? In coordination with Baudchaser, several (not all have been accounted for) of the Vangels and myself will be moving to iNET Chaos Expert. The settings in this zone will be the standard settings that were in CZE, if that change has not already been made. Vangel meetings will continue there, as well as all of the special events CZE has hosted in the past. At Baudchaser's request, I have changed the format (not the content) of this webpage to follow's more closely. Further format changes will come in the future, and of course, new content as well. So please, add iNET Chaos Expert to your server list, and join us there. Bortas


    I added a section that shows the ship settings, I havn't decided if i will keep it, let me know if you like it on the message board. Bortas


    Correction! Three! VIE is back up, to a collective sigh of relief, its reliability is obviously in question, and has been for some time. More info when I get it. Bort

    Two news posts in a day? Novel thought... I reorganized the links page, help me out and submit nifty sites to add to it (no squads :P), anything from subspace, to infantry :) Voting for LoC closes in two weeks (to be re-opened another time), submit your vote while you can. Also, I have finally decided to renew my efforts on putting up the tech support board, along with a trash talk lounge. If I get those working good, I will probably end up replacing the main board with the webbbs instead of the one from Matt's Script Archive. Later Bortas.

    Is this it? No I don't know, so stop asking :) VIE's servers are currently down, as per several rumours, but the permancy of this shutdown is speculation. If this is the end of VIE, I will be moving to iNET Chaos Expert, and will bring as many Vangels as possible with me. Bortas


    Happy New Year, everyone. I am fully aware that the message board is getting extremely long and slow loading, however several people asked me to not erase the board for another ocuple of weeks, so they can catch up. Don't party too hard :)


    Folks have been asking about vangel meetings... due to the large # of folks out of town, the next scheduled meeting is 1/12/99. Bort


    I finally got around to adding the Legends of Chaos page, I expect that it will change a great deal. Bortas


    Today is the announced day for VIE's directory and scoring server go down. there has been much speculation that this means the game server will go offline as well, however, the website does not confirm that. Once again, I have been coordinating with kboom in regards to the alternative billing server. Currently, our plan is to make the switch over to his server. I am sure you all remember the password bots, the passwords submitted to them will be your new password once the new billing server comes online (I am not sure of the exact time). Your nickname associated with league will have the password that the leagues emailed to you. In addition, once this server transfer happens, anti-twister software will go online, look for more information regarding this shortly.

    Keep in mind, this will only occur if VIE's game server stays online. If it does go down (or when), there are a few alternative zones to look into, I will try to give a few details on each zone: (here is Pags lag to VIE, for reference: Ping [30, 30, 30, 40] Ploss [1.1, 0.6])

    • iNET Chaos Expert: This has the CZE map, and slightly altered settings (ask Baudchaser for details). Pros: The Vangels have been offered positions there, you could expect it to be run the same as CZE (I am not sure if we would be allowed to return to standard CZE settings). Cons: Its iNET. for some of us this means more lag, for others, less. My packetloss is the same (nil) to that server, but my ping is increased 250 ms.
    • SS.Net Chaos Zone East: This is located on the SS.Net servers (the one Cyclones has been working on), which means slightly increased lag than to VIE servers. Pros: Standard CZE settings, and once again, the Vangels would be running the zone. Cons: increase in ping/ploss to this server than CZE (i have heard unconfirmed reports that lag increases when lots of people are in this zone). Here is Pags ping/ploss to this zone: Ping [30, 60, 30, 70] Ploss [2.9, 2.2]
    • NEW Chaos East: This is Tito's/stripper's zone. It has a reliable connection, the CZE map, and several altered settings (including: recharge rate, random shrapnel, 300 starting bty, 2 max mines, jackpot style flags). Pros: Good connection, fun game to play. Cons: Not a chaos zone. Many altered settings. No Vangel positions available (bad in my book, as there is no governing body, rather two people run the whole show). Pags ping/ploss to this zone: Ping [40, 30, 30, 50] Ploss [1.0, 2.4].
    • Chaos Zone East: This is ep__'s zone. Reliable server on the internet backbone. Pros: Good connect, standard CZE settings. Vangels have been offered positions as mods Cons: As far as I know, Vangels wouldn't have full control, I don't know how well things would get done. Pags ping/ploss to this zone: Ping [30,70,30,130] Ploss [0.7, 2.1]

    Again, these four servers will only come into play once VIE's game servers shutdown, in the meantime, I would recommend sticking with VIE's servers, even if we have to go through a new billing server. To add these alternate servers, click your find servers button, for the address goes DOWN tonight, you will need to change that to Whens VIE's game server shutdowns, we will be forced to choose one of the 4 zones above. In my opinion, if you want standard settings, good connection, and at least partial Vangel run zone, ep__'s Chaos Zone East is your best choice. If you like jackpot, NEW Chaos East. If you live in Europe, iNET Chaos Expert. If you want a completly Vangel run zone, SS.Net Chaos Zone East. Feel free to check out these servers and post your thoughts, lag and ideas on the message board. Bortas


    Well my friends, it appears that its all over, according to Subspace Headquarters and Warstrike we are getting shut down on Wednesday, I would like to thank all of the past and present Vangels for there many months of hard work and dedication to the zone, I would like to also thank the players who stuck with us and kept this zone great since the game was created. Also, much appreciation goes out to the guys at Warstrike for giving us free web space, and for acting with extreme quickness whenever we had the slightest problem. Even though the Vangels and myself have recieved some criticism in the past from some players, I would like to think that for the most part we have done our best to keep the zone fun. Hopefully I will have the honor of fighting with you again in Infantry. where once again we will "meet people from all over the world, then kill them" Once again, thank you all, its been a fun ride. Smitty74


    CZE League must be postponed indefinetly :( See the message board for details.


    The game of Subspace is in trouble. With the current Hacks out there, and with the new ones that will most assuredly be created in the near future, all zone owners are faced with the realization that a hand full of vangels cant take care of the zone 24 hours a day. Some zones have decided to make there zones permission only zones, although this may be a good idea in a smaller zone, Chaos is way to big, and way to popular to go this route. As long as Im in charge, you wont see that here.

    The other day I sat in spec mode and spent the better part of a afternoon kicking cheaters. None of the Vangels are getting paid to do this job, and although they love this game and want to help it out, I couldnt ask them to sit in spec all day and kick cheaters. We are all here to play this game, and no-one would do that job for long.

    Right about now your thinking "So Smitty, basically what your saying is that we are screwed?" well, Im not saying that at all, Being a Military kind of guy, I took a look at our strengths and weaknesses and discovered that we have a large number of really dependable, trustworthy pilots in our zone. So I decided to create a anonymous "society" of reliable players, and to give them the tools necessary to stop any hacker who decides to enter our zone. These pilots are the best we could find, and all are willing to do whatever it takes to stop the hacking in our zone. Before you start thinking "oh no! Smitty has created a bunch of macho freaks with MOD powers!!" let me assure you that all members are totally trustworthy, and all of them realize I will take there powers in a minute if they took advantage of it. As a matter of fact, I started recruiting members last Tuesday, and so far they have already anonymously kicked several hackers.

    You will never know who they are, but rest assured they are there, and they WILL take care of business. One last warning to users of Twister or any other hacking programs, The society members know what these programs can do, and are on the look out for them, if a member sees you using it, he wont hesitate to kick you without even a warning. you have been warned! more info to come in the near future. Smitty74


    Finally got around to putting info out on my Vangel info page. Also I have plans in the works to take a big bite out of the cheaters rear ends, more to come in the near future. Smitty74

    Chat Channel
    To get ahold of the Vangels, moderators or general chaos foolios, join the chat, cze. If you have no other chat, type ?chat=cze and use the ; key to send to it. If you already have a chat channel, you are allowed to have up to five chats, for example ?chat=cze,omega. ; sends to the channel cze and ;2; send to channel omega.
    CZE Vangel meetings are held every Tuesday night, at 10pm EST. The location is in the zone (type ?go meeting).