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    Finally got Pempu's profile up under the MoC section, sorry for the delay. The server transfer is complete, to add the new server, press the find server button and use one of the following sites: or and add SSCE Chaos Expert (VI). If you still have trouble finding the server shift click here and save the file to your subspace directory. On this note, I am officialy resigning my position as lead vangel and turning it over to the capable hands of my staff, Pags as the lead. I will remain on as a vangel for a short time to make sure everything runs smoothly, then resign as a vangel. My replacement, if any, will be decided by the other vangels. Thanks to all who loved and hated me, its been a fun year, some props to a few folks: Blackie, Baud, BD Vine, Ghost Ship, Vangels, Mods, my squaddies and YOU, the pilots of our zone. That said, I put a screenshot up of a squad turret, cya gang. Bortas


    Don't know if you all heard, but our great host, Warstrike, is going down for good. In preperation, and thanks to Baud, I got the site hosted on the Gamehacker network. My email will also transfer there shortly, expect a few delays via email to me. Also, CZE will be moving a US server, I'll post exact details when I have them. Bort


    But a big banner up top for latest reset winners, ran by Ace-High. It will soon be a text link at left like the others, but since its a new welcomed long awaited feature, it gets some prominence for a while :) Bort


    New screenshot up, biggest neg killer in the zone, and the bigest non-neg. Bort

    Chat Channel
    To get ahold of the Vangels, moderators or general chaos foolios, join the chat, cze. If you have no other chat, type ?chat=cze and use the ; key to send to it. If you already have a chat channel, you are allowed to have up to five chats, for example ?chat=cze,omega. ; sends to the channel cze and ;2; send to channel omega.
    CZE Vangel meetings are held every Tuesday night, at 10pm EST. The location is in the zone (type ?go meeting).