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    Forum Styles Return

    I think I've got the auto-login problem licked, and all of the old forum styles should be back. You'll have to go and reset your style next time you visit the forums. Email me in game if you are still having any troubles with the boards.
    Posted Sun 11/06/05 @ 2118 UTC by Bortas

    Ooops, I did it again

    I played with your heart and broke the forums (at work). I've got the backup at home, will fix it tonight... sorry!
    Posted Wed 10/26/05 @ 1625 UTC by Bortas

    Guild Milestone - GUILD LEVEL 30!

    Congratulations everyone on reaching Guild Level 30! Thanks to those that have done writs and busted out HQs recently for the final push to reach 30. Now go buy your 5 Room house or get your "Sir" or "Ritsar" title. You all deserve it! smile
    Posted Sun 10/16/05 @ 1349 UTC by Runcor


    Guild reached 29 tonight, only one more to go... until the expansion, that is... laughing
    Posted Sat 09/03/05 @ 0304 UTC by Bortas

    Another Night..... Another MG Success

    Another success in MG!! We are geling as a raid force and looking forward to taking on some of the 4x mobs. Congrats to IR on a flawless MG raid!!!

    We are also looking for a few good folks who can add to our family atmosphere. Come and check us out....
    Posted Wed 08/24/05 @ 0353 UTC by resad


    Hard work continues with guild level 28 being hit!!! Congrats to all who worked on writs/HQ and had the patience to do the "patron" swaps ;-)
    Posted Sun 08/21/05 @ 0306 UTC by Flair2

    Maiden's Again?

    Come get To Speak As A Dragon started, if you have not already. Signup
    Posted Mon 08/15/05 @ 1637 UTC by Bortas

    Maiden's Gulch Success!!

    Vyr'drais the Vicious and friends fell to 12 determined IR members last night, kicking off the Speak Like a Dragon quest for us. Congrats to all on a well-fought battle! and on the first attempt! /roar wink

    Click here for full size view - WARNING: troll brutality
    Screenshots courtesy of Hulzz & Resad
    Posted Fri 08/05/05 @ 2017 UTC by Thaddeus

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