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    Forums Transferred

    I found a nifty little tool that will let me archive EZBoards, so I used it on the Conclave forums to bring all the posts over here. However, I had to delete all the user accounts, to avoid confusion when trying to create or access your account.

    Unfortunately, this means that all of the archived posts are written by 'guest', instead of the appropriate user name. Click the forum link at left, you will see what I mean.
    Posted Mon 11/01/04 @ 0157 UTC by Bortas

    Website Opened

    I am about as done as I'd like to be as far as layout goes. I do still need to finish the graphics stuff, and the featured member stuff (the pictures you see in the top left), but I can fill that in as I go. I figure I will have lots of changes to integrate with the SOE website features.

    So, in the meantime, do me a favor... help me test everything out. Post comments on the news, post on the message boards and submit additional links to be included at the left. Thanks for your help!
    Posted Wed 10/27/04 @ 0149 UTC by Bortas

    Sony Headlines

    I installed Sony's headline script over at the right. Man is it huge & ugly. I suppose it remains to be seen for whether or not it is useful. Comments?
    Posted Fri 10/22/04 @ 1319 UTC by Bortas

    News Script Online

    I am such a .php noob, but so far this seems to be working. Now I need to finish fleshing out the rest of this website!
    Posted Fri 10/22/04 @ 0117 UTC by Bortas

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