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    Self explanatory I guess, hope they find a replacement soon!
    Server Down!
    Posted Thu 11/25/04 @ 1938 UTC by Rellica

    The Latest Happenings

    The featured member in the top left will be getting some enhancements, but needs more members! Click here to learn more. Applications are under discussion here, please come participate! Patrons and writ quests are also being encouraged, come help us and yourselves out!

    Finally, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Posted Thu 11/25/04 @ 1653 UTC by Bortas

    Congrats on our first guild raid, Avatars of Betrayal!

    We braved Commons, Nektulos, and the Thundering Steppes...and we all arrived at what was to become our first successful raid as a guild. The Avatars of Betrayal guild quest raid! Not only was it our first, but it was flawless!

    Congrats everyone! Many more to come!
    Posted Fri 11/19/04 @ 0322 UTC by Rellica

    Guilds Stats Added

    Now you can find out how the guild is doing, by clicking the new menu item at left, or following this link. Fun little tool!
    Posted Wed 11/17/04 @ 0544 UTC by Bortas

    eq2guilds.org is S L O W

    Our guild site on EQ2Guilds.org is horrendously slow, but it does have some really neat real time tools. So... I yoinked the links to the live guild chat, and the current roster, and stuck them up at left.

    I am currently try to play with the design on that site, to see what all I can do. The options are really limited, but the ones that are there are simply awesome. I'm hoping Sony beefs up their servers some!

    Finally, I am working on adding the 'Featured Member' blurb in the top left. Right now, I only have Niobe's. So, email me a screenshot of your character, with the exact spelling of your in game first name, and I will get you added to the rotation (each time the site is refreshed/revisited, it will randomize the member being displayed). While Niobe's character is cool and all, just one FM is not that cool :P
    Posted Fri 11/12/04 @ 1736 UTC by Bortas

    Infernal Requiem formed!

    I can't seem to get the eq2guilds news posted, so here we are :)

    Ta da!! Looky - we are number 10!

    Posted Wed 11/10/04 @ 1848 UTC by Rellica

    Server Announced

    We have decided we will be playing on the Guk server, make sure you pick the correct server!

    Our guild name has been decided as 'Infernal Requiem', receiving 75% majority of the members that voted. I will update the site and the boards accordingly, easiest way to access this site will now be http://ir.bortas.net/.
    Posted Tue 11/09/04 @ 0525 UTC by Bortas

    Release Date Approaches!

    Anyone else getting a nervous facial tick while waiting? A few days remain, be sure to check out all of the information our beta brethren have posted to get you started on the right path. Specifically; view suggestions for things to do to get you on your way and down the right track during your first few days.

    We also need to finalize the guild name, go here and vote for your favorite, time is of the essence!
    Posted Sun 11/07/04 @ 0127 UTC by Bortas

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