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    Overfiend Down: First Big Raid Target a Success!

    Two intrepid groups of Infernal Requiem fought and defeated the Overfiend in Riverdale last night. This was the first big raid target for the guild and congrats to all that attended!

    Click for full size view

    Screen shot courtesy of Thaddeus
    Posted Wed 04/06/05 @ 1517 UTC by Flair2

    Guild Level 19!

    Internal Requiem Achieves Guild Level 19

    Dateline: Norath...500 years later
    Posted by Flair

    At 8:10pm on Monday, 4 April Infernal Requiem achieved guild level 19. Clearly the hard work being put in by members new and old is paying off, onward and upward to level 20! smile
    Posted Tue 04/05/05 @ 2110 UTC by Flair2

    Good & Evil

    Upon launch of EQ2, a group of friends had gathered with the intent to start a guild so they could stick together. Alas, that was not to be, as the rift between Qeynos & Freeport grew, a clear line was drawn in the sand. Some put their support behind one city, the rest the other. Thus was born Infernal & Eternal Requiem.

    After some discussion, members of the two guilds decided to bridge this rift. Infernal had further progressed in guild level, so Eternal members gave in to the dark side and the guilds joined under one banner: Infernal Requiem.

    Welcome back to all old friends, and we are all looking forward to getting to know new friends!

    BTW: Dingx4 (18)!
    Posted Mon 04/04/05 @ 1558 UTC by Bortas


    Guild level is now 14! Good job gang, keep on cranking, our next guild raid is within sight!
    Posted Wed 02/02/05 @ 0639 UTC by Bortas

    Congratulations Infernal Requiem for becoming level 13!

    The title says it all.

    Congratulations and thanks goes out to everyone who completed writs, completed heritage quests and just as importantly, all those who helped other members complete both!
    Posted Thu 01/27/05 @ 2007 UTC by Aegdiin

    Grats IR on Guild Level 12!

    We continue to trudge our way through exp hunts, and at the same time, our patrons are busy at work completing writs for our city status. Congrats to all of you! Now to set up time to do the level 10 guild raid.


    Posted Sun 01/16/05 @ 1806 UTC by Rellica

    Its that time of the year...

    Happy holidays to you and yours, remember to drive careful!
    Posted Fri 12/24/04 @ 1724 UTC by Bortas

    Bloodskull Valley...on the hit list.

    We made a run on Bloodskull Valley the other night, but wound up dying to the 4th wave. We were missing something, but we have made some adjustments to the way we will try this next time. Next time, more Orc heads are gonna roll~ ! tongue
    Posted Sat 12/04/04 @ 1534 UTC by Rellica

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