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    Guild Level 27!

    Well we reorganized the patrons and the results were immediate; 60+ pct of a guild level in 1 week!!!!!!!

    Grats on all on guild level 27 and thank you for all your hard work
    Posted Wed 08/03/05 @ 0454 UTC by Flair2

    Upcoming Raid

    Maiden's Gulch must be cleared! Click Here for details and signup!
    Posted Wed 08/03/05 @ 0028 UTC by Bortas

    Milestone Acheived!

    Last night guild level 25 was finally reached. Congrats and thanks to all for the hard work over the last few weeks. Now, go get your rewards, from new paintings, to faster horses. Should I mention GL30?
    Posted Wed 06/29/05 @ 1506 UTC by Bortas


    Guild level 24! Almost there, keep on truckin'
    Posted Wed 06/15/05 @ 1744 UTC by Bortas

    Retired Patrons Removed

    I know we are planning on doing this at 22, but it just made sense to do it as quickly as possible. All retired players that were patrons have been removed. This should make it a fair amount easier for active patrons to chug along.

    Now go get us 25!
    Posted Sat 05/14/05 @ 2222 UTC by Bortas

    Movin' On Up

    Guild level has surpassed 21, keep cranking hard on those writs and heritage. Next level is when we are going to be removing inactive patrons, prepare for hell level!

    Everyone congrat Ozzie and embaress him; first IR to 50!
    Posted Tue 04/26/05 @ 1532 UTC by Bortas

    New Roster Format

    You may have noticed some guild statistics in the menu column at left. We also have a quick access roster tool. Click Here for details.
    Posted Tue 04/19/05 @ 2140 UTC by Bortas

    Guild level 20!!!

    12 April: Just a week or so after the last ding the guild hit another major milestone:

    GUILD LEVEL 20! smile

    Thank you for all the hard work and onward to GL 25.

    -posted by Flair
    Posted Tue 04/12/05 @ 0456 UTC by Flair2

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