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    Please Join Us!

    Nearly 2 months have passed since several us joined oops, including Lumpus and Jarayalei (welcome back you two!). We all seem to be having a great time, from grouping to dabbling in raiding. Oops is a very casual raiding guild, but we've dropped some big targets since I've joined. You, whatever level you are, are welcome to come over, and in fact would be most welcome. I noticed several people have just stopped logging in, that's too bad. If you still have any interest in playing, join us over at Oops. If it doesn't work out, I promise to reinvite you to IR laughing
    Posted Thu 08/31/06 @ 1444 UTC by Bortas

    What is going on with IR?!?

    Several of us have decided to hang up the beloved IR title in favor of the a new one: Oops. This decision was made because we enjoyed playing the game, but were disappointed with the lack of friends to play with (no fingers pointed, everybody has a time when they can't or don't want to play). After a fun tag-along raid, we decided to take a leap of faith and join. Not everyone has come over, and probably not everyone will (although I remain hopeful). It is unlikely that I will update this site further, although I am willing to pass the torch to anyone else who is willing. For details about the Oops move, check out this forum thread.

    Many hugs, I have enjoyed my stay in IR, begining until now. Farewell,
    Posted Thu 07/06/06 @ 1550 UTC by Bortas

    Sorry About Downtime

    Hey gang, sorry about site downtime. Long story short, using my furniture gallery some prick managed to upload a spoof of some bank site, so my site was temp shutdown while they fixed this. I just hope some poor sap didn't actually use it... sad

    Anyways, site is back, transfered to the new platform, everything should still function, let me know if you encounter any problems.
    Posted Fri 06/30/06 @ 1224 UTC by Bortas

    Yay Ama!

    Congrats to Amadalia, first IR crafer to 70. Everybody send her random collection stuffs so she can level! laughing
    Posted Tue 05/16/06 @ 1245 UTC by Bortas

    Congrats Darkmori!

    On being the first IR to 70!
    Posted Thu 04/20/06 @ 0539 UTC by Bortas


    We have had a recent return and addition of several old old friends, many from early days of Everquest 1. Welcome to all of you, happy to have you amongst our family... again!
    Posted Sun 12/18/05 @ 1352 UTC by Bortas

    Congrats Buyhere!

    Everyone send Buyhere a tell, congratulating him as the first IR to reach 60 adventuring (note lazy comment below).
    Posted Sun 12/04/05 @ 1408 UTC by Bortas

    Congrats Beez!

    Everyone take a moment to spam Beez's in game mailbox: he is our first level 60 artisan (yes, we are slackers). Congratulations man!
    Posted Sun 11/20/05 @ 1831 UTC by Bortas

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