Pilot Profile:
Nick: A Du Kit
Reason I chose this nick: Streetfighter II
Given name, via Ace-High: What A Du might know is that the actual words uttered in the game are "Ha-Do-Ken" which is a Japanese phrase meaning 'dragon fire'. What he might not want us to know is that "A-Du-Kit" is Japanese for 'artificial penile enlargement'...if you get the Spice channel, you might recognize A Du as one of the models in the 'before' pictures ;)
Real Name: Kenneth Truong
Email Address: Waihan@geocities.com
ICQ #: n/a
Age: 20
Playing from: Garden Grove, California
Where would I rather be playing from: Bahamas
Favorite Ship/Race/Unit: Warbird, Weasel
Favorite Color or, if you had to pick a crayon to eat, which color would it be: Black and white
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Bands: Bon Jovi, Michael Learns to Rock
Favorite URLs: http:jokes2000.com
Other Interestes/Activites: Billiards, Car Racing, Hanging out
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